Facial After Care

For many, having a facial can be one of the most pleasant and relaxing experiences. In fact, not only does it feel nice during and after, it is a treatment that can greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.

With that being said, one aspect of the facial process that can allow you to get the most out of these treatments is to perform proper facial aftercare. It is also important to note that depending on the type of facial you are having, the aftercare steps may slightly differ - however, overall you will want to treat your skin in a specific way that will take into account such factors as irritation and redness, blemishes, ultimately aiming to reduce any skin discomfort you may experience.

Here are some facial after care tips you can follow to ensure the comfort of your skin.

 Gentle Cleansing

While it is likely that your face might be more sensitive following certain facial treatments, this will also depend on the type of facial your are having done. For example, a deeper exfoliation, a pore extractions or a laser facial sessions will mean your face may be more sensitive. Your skin type will also play a part in the degree of redness and sensitivity you may experience after your treatment.

All in all however, either way it is important to engage in a gentle cleansing of the area.  In the event you do scrub the area too much, this will definitely lead to more irritation. Instead, it is best to be gentle when cleansing your face, as it is even more important to give your skin some extra TLC for up to 48 hours directly following a facial.

Choose the Right Products

In addition to gently cleansing your skin, it is also highly recommended that you choose the proper products for your face. At this point in time, you will also want to choose a gentle cleanser that will help reduce bacteria, but will not clogged your pores. In fact, opting for a cleanser that is designed for sensitive skin can be a good choice as a key part of the facial aftercare process.

Ultimately, here you will want to avoid using products that are more likely to sting or irritate your face as it is currently in a slightly more sensitive state than normal.

Avoid Hot Water & Steam Exposure

Following a facial is it best to avoid using hot water on your facial region. While it is never ideal to wash your face with hot water, it is certainly not a good idea to expose your skin to it after a facial.

Here you will also want to steer clear of steam rooms as it is likely that you have already had steam treatments as a part of your facial. While steam is used to successfully facilitate pore extraction and facial care - too much of this can actually lead to further skin irritation, as well as broken capillaries of the facial region.

Up’ your Sunscreen Use

Finally, since the facial process does temporarily make your skin more sensitive, you also want to be even more sure to apply sunscreen before being exposed to the sun. In some cases, facial treatments may involve exfoliation that includes the use of chemicals, that as a result cause your skin to be more photosensitive - meaning the increased risk of sunburn is very likely.

In order to provide even more TLC to your skin following your facial, your best bet is to ‘up’ your sunscreen usage. Bt applying an extra amount of sun screen and/or switching to a higher level of SPF than your normal sunscreen of choice contains you can protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun more effectively. To ensure adequate protection, this facial aftercare tip should be followed for at least week following your facial session.

In the end, as a general rule it is best to treat your skin even more tenderly for at least a few days. Facials can certainly offer many health benefits - in order to keep your skin feeling and looking happy - you want to be sure to follow the necessary aftercare steps to soothe and protect your face as much as possible.


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