I have recently completed 8 sessions of ilipo
at LaserMedPro and am really pleased with the results.

A few years ago I had cryolipolysis treatment
at another venue and was devastated to find that I ended up with some cellulite on my stomach as a result. I went to LaserMedPro expecting a bit of weightloss but not really an improvement with the cellulite, however I achieved both!
A big thank  to the lady aesthetician, she was great, very welcoming, always remembered my name and was very accommodating with appointments. I will definitely go back for more appointments when my bank balance allows!

Joanna D., Toronto,

Always sceptical with these sorts of things especially when on offer….
So like anyone else who sees a bargain, I snapped the i-lipo offer up as Summer was just around the corner. I was amazed that after one session I had lost 3cms, sounds an awful lot but in context, consistent over a period of time (4 weeks). I dropped a dress size!
What was even more beneficial was the personal training sessions that went with it. I thought I was relatively fit prior to coming here until I met Florame. She does push the boundaries and is able to utilise all of the equipment in the gym which is fantastic. In total I lost over 7lbs which was pretty amazing, I didn’t diet – just became more aware of what I was eating. The exercise definitely helped and that is down to Florame. She is utterly brilliant and I will endeavour to keep my sessions with her as they really do make a difference. Absolutely fabulous!!!

Helen M., Toronto,

"i-Lipo is a technology that really works as a targeted fat reduction system. Each of my patients loose between 2cm – 4cm per session. It is a great asset in each business to motivate patients to reach their ideal body with optimum health and wellness. Having visible results in the first session is a fantastic way to motivate patients to stay fit and maintain a healthy eating plan not only during the 8 treatment sessions, but long after the completion of the treatment course.”

Dr. M.E.Voshol-Botha, South Africa,

I'm suffering from facial red veins appearance on my face. I guess it's because my small blood vessels are close to the skin surface. Due to these visible anomalies I'm very shy with ladies. Despite all my college friends having relationships with girlfriends, it was me  only being alone in the campus. I was afraid of any surgical procedures, so it was a pleasant surprise for me to discover non-invasive methods of spider veins treatments at LaserMedPro Clinic.  Recently, at my family doctor's office I found a brochure describing REGENLITE Medical Laser services. It took some time until I made a decision to get an initial consultation, which was very helpful, and I finally tried one session. No sedation was required. Immediately following the treatment I got a little bruising and swelling. I was so happy with the very first result! Next session is booked in a few weeks, and I'm counting days to the next appointment. Besides the professional medical procedures conducted, I wish to emphasize the friendly admin staff and very clean facility.

I will definitely recommend LaserMed services to all my friends!

Robert G., North York,