For many people, the thought of shaving and waxing is more of a nuisance and/or an ongoing painful experience that they wish to avoid at all costs. So then, what are our other options for removing this unwanted hair??

You may have heard about the laser hair removal process, however are not yet fully aware of what it entails. Laser hair removal has actually been around for a while now, and with improved technologies, it has been able to offer a more complete hair removal system than ever before.

These advancements are particularly important when it comes to answering perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in this area - that of course being ‘is laser hair removal painful?’

The latest laser hair removal technologies are designed to take into account the sensitivity of our skin. Since you may be considering having hair removed from some sensitive areas, such as your arms, legs, face and so on, you will be pleased to hear that laser treatments are safe for these regions of the body.

As certain parts of the body seen different types of hair growth, for example, coarseness -this means laser hair reveal systems also need to be versatile to manage individual treatment plans. The depth of the hair follicle, for example can mean the lasers will need to reach slightly deeper into the skin order to properly extract the hair at the follicle.

However, not to worry as these lasers are designed to be effective in this manner and can also perform this part of the treatment quickly and safely, and yes with minimal discomfort. While the laser does create a pulse or a sensation on the skin as it treats each area, cooling devices are used in order to protect and soothe your skin during each session. With the use of such cooling methods, the degree of discomfort some individuals may associate with the overall laser hair removal process can also be moderate.

An added benefit of turning to a laser hair removal program is that you are able to rely on professionals when it comes to your specific treatment plan. Individuals thoroughly trained in laser hair removal systems and skin maintenance techniques are knowledgeable in the areas related to identifying the needs of your skin. As a result, they will take into account your skin type and any skin sensitivities you have prior to beginning your treatments.

Since we do all bring our own skin’s history with us, discussing any previous skin conditions such as sunburn, sensitivity to light, etc. is especially important in order to receive the most safe and comfortable laser hair removal experience possible. This part of the process can also help to minimize the occurrence of any discomfort felt during and after laser treatments.

Ultimately, the positive benefits of laser hair removal can far outweigh the slight and temporary discomfort you may feel during the treatment. Once again, the laser hair removal process is relatively quick and depending on the number of treatments you will have, these will typically over last for a periods of weeks or a few short months.

In the end, laser hair removal can fundamentally improve the appearance as well as the softness of the skin. In fact, most individuals who have undergone these treatments leave highly satisfied and wishing they had done it much sooner. Just like the unwanted hair on your body, the memories of any pain felt during the laser hair removal process can quickly fade away.

JUNE 8TH, 2016

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