How to Budget for Beauty 

We would all like to be able to afford to look just as gorgeous and beautiful as Princess Kate. The reality of it is - this can be expensive. While princesses and celebrities have the funds to always look their best, while also doing everything they can to remain as youthful as possible - for the rest of us, we need to try and find some more affordable ways of keeping up with our own elaborate and time-consuming beauty regiments.

Now with that being said, is this even possible?? Yes, in fact, there are many methods of achieving your beauty goals, and saving in the process. Here are some ways YOU can learn how to budget for beauty.

When we think of beauty, this can mean something different to each person. However, in keeping with the tone of the various methods individuals use to keep looking their best, feeling their best, including anti-aging treatments- this is the focus for these beauty budgeting ideas - that can also impact how confidently we feel about ourselves.

 Being a Savvy Shopper

While you may be attracted to certain products and brands, this can often be due to the flashy nature of the packaging. We have all heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and this of course most definitely applies to beauty products as well. Fancy bottles and pretty colours can however come at a cost. If you are looking to buy a product for a certain purpose, be sure to read the ingredients, the directions, and the desired outcome this product is offering. Is there a product that can do the same, for less? By overlooking the less attractive packing and bottles, you may also be overlooking a product that can be included in your daily and weekly grooming rituals - and can allow you to keep up with your beauty on a budget goal.

Part of being a savvy beauty shopper also means not buying products you don’t need. These flashy beauty products are meant to draw people in to buying them - even when they don’t necessarily have a need for it. Here you can also reduce your spending by only purchasing the products you will need in order to achieve the desired beauty outcome, as well as not buying a similar product in a different brand, just because you want it. In the end, being sensible and only buying products you think you need and will use is the best way to stick to your beauty budget.

Spending Trade-offs

Sometimes, certain treatments and products in our beauty regimes, will fall closer to the realm of a necessity.  If this is the case, and you know you will be having to spend a bit more money on these items or these treatments - then perhaps you can try and look within your budget for a spending-trade-off. For example, one month you can go without buying a certain item or cutting back on your spending in other areas. Depending on your own finances and monthly expenses - you can choose which spending areas you can realistically cut back on during that period of time.Another method of sticking to your beauty budget which can also help to offset your overall ‘beauty’ expenses is to look into certain services, such as laser hair removal. While the upfront costs associated with these treatments will be required, hair removal systems are designed to provide a long-lasting alternative to hair removal. Since these services dramatically reduce the amount of hair regrowth you will have over time, hair removal systems can actually allow you to save money on shaving supplies and waxing services in the long run. Ultimately, your investment in laser hair removal has the potential to provide long term savings, including the total amount of money you spend towards your ongoing beauty regiments each month.

While we may not be in the same financial, as you can see, there are a variety of methods of sticking to a budget, without having to necessarily compromise on your personal grooming routines.

League as our celebrity idols, when it comes to the extent of our beauty demands, on average, our grooming regiments can still be extremely costly. Although the good news is, there are a variety of methods of staying on budget, without having to compromise on our personal beauty needs.

July 8 2016

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