While some people may believe facials are only meant for those looking to be pampered or indulged, this is just not the case.

As a matter of fact, many individuals are now looking to adopt certain lifestyle changes that promote many different health benefits, including prolonging the thriving appearance of their skin. As a result, facials are earning a more significant role in our ongoing skin rituals.

Now with that being said, it is another belief that only having a facial from time to time, once a year perhaps is enough to effectively improve our skin - there are actually many reasons why having regular facials can be highly beneficial - even vital in many cases.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits of ‘going skin deep’ and having facials on a more routine basis throughout the course of the year.

Facial Benefit #1: Cell Renewal

The facial process involves thorough and delicate exfoliation of the skin. During exfoliation, the cells on your face undergo skin cell renewal. Depending on the specific type of exfoliation, microdermabrasion, for one - this stage of the facial aids with the turnover of new cell growth. Another advantage of skin exfoliation can also greatly reduce the appearance of scaring, such as those left behind from acne and other annoying skin blemishes.

Facial Benefit #2: Pore Extraction

Secondly, since the presence of pores on our face can be quite bothersome, particularly when they are large in size - regular facials are beneficial because these pores are extracted. As oil and other ‘gunk’ blocks our pores, this creates pimples and blackheads to develop in our skin. Extraction however, can significantly reduce the size of our pores, any unpleasant substance that may be blocking them is removed. In the end, your skin will be cleaner, healthier, and smoother.

Facial Benefit #3: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

As many facials also typically involve a gentle massage in one form or the other, the lymphatic system also receive some attention during this time. Through the massaging of the shoulders, neck, the head, the arms and of course the face, fluid rendition in the body in these areas are reduced. During this part of the facial, toxins in the body are lowered, thus promoting circulation and improved skin appearance overall.

Facial Benefit #4: Anti-aging Properties

Facials can also be used as part of the anti-aging regiment. By again, improving cell renewal as well as producing more collagen in our skin, the art of the facial also allow us to experience certain anti-aging benefits. Here regular facial goers will notice a that their skin tone is more balanced, ultimately taking on a healthier, more youthful glow. Facial specialists can also recommend products that can be used to promote and prolong healthy skin, such as creams that can reduce fine lines as well as protect the skin from harmful sun exposure.

Facial Benefit #5: Stress Reduction

Finally, we can all benefit from taking advantage of more routine facial practices, with the goal of combating our stress levels. With stress being a daily reality for many, fortunately for us, facials aid in the reduction of stress in various ways. Offering us a serene environment, paired with a highly relaxing treatment itself, this can greatly improve the well-being of our minds and our bodies.

As you can see, the benefits of having regular facials, involving massage and precise and thorough skin treatments are numerous. Whether you are looking to reduce your stress, achieve anti-aging benefits, improve the appearance and health of your skin overall - or all of the above, routine facials are a great method of arriving at these important outcomes.

As a general rule, you can aim to have a facial at the change of each season, as each of these intervals present us with the perfect opportunity to prepare and protect our skin from the elements, so that we can ‘face’ each day at our best.

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