How Much Fat will I Lose?

If you are carrying some extra and unwanted fat, perhaps looking to a non-invasive approach to fat reduction can be a valuable next step for you. Fortunately, i-lipo can offer the desired results you are looking for.

As opposed to liposuction, which requires surgical procedures, i-lipo can provide a method of fat trimming without necessitating the use of undergoing a operation of any kind. Instead, i-lipo uses laser technology to perform the process of fat reduction. Through the use of lasers that are placed on pads and then directly on the skin, this is a painless and recovery-free procedure.

If you have any target areas you are looking to lose fact from, you are probably happy to know that a notable amount of fat can be removed from a variety of areas of the body that include, the abdomen, back, upper arms, and even the chin.

What type of results can I expect from i-lipo? 

At this point, you will also want to know more about the actual results of this treatment, and of course how much specific fat you will lose with i-lipo.

First of all, it is commonly recommended that individuals attend 8 sessions, with about 4 or 5 days in between the treatment of the same body region. This is mainly due to the fact that after each treatment the fat needs time to be absorbed into our lymphatic systems and then the body can flush it out altogether.

While the body is doing it’s job and working to flush out the fat, it is also important that  individuals who are receiving i-lipo also drink lots of water following their treatments.

With the help of this hydration, results can be seen after the first treatment, and after the 8 sessions the desired results can be achieved.

How much fatwill I lose with i-lipo?

After the course of even one of these laser sessions, it is common for individuals to experience of loss in fat layer depth of up to 30%. In other words, this also translates into about 2-4 centimetres of fat loss each time. Of course with each session, this percentage will increase and additional results can be observed.

To further enhance these results, each i-lipo treatment should be paired with exercise. As well as consuming an adequate amount of water, physical activity such as light to moderate cardio can also support the effectiveness of the level of fat reduction seen following i-lipo treatments. Together water intake and exercise can speed up the metabolisms, assisting in the elimination of fat from the lymphatic system.

In the end, in combination with proper exercise and lifestyle choices, the positive result of i-lipo can be even more significant as well as long-lasting. Once again, if you are seeking out alternative methods of body contouring and want to avoid the pain and inconvenience of surgery, i-lipo can be a highly effective choice for achieving your fat reduction goals.


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