How Does i-Lipo Differ from Liposuction?

While you may be familiar with the process of liposuction, you may not have heard of the non-surgical alternative known as i-lipo.

However, if you have been considering some different ways of losing some extra body weight, it may benefit you to learn more about these two methods. After everything is said and done, by exploring how liposuction differs from i-lipo, you can then have a better idea of which option may be more suitable for you.


Liposuction or Lipo as it is often referred to is a surgical procedure used to remove fat deposits from the body. Common areas of the body where liposuction is performed can involve, the thighs, the back, as well as the middle regions of the body, including the flanks and the abdominal area.

The actual Lipo process involves surgical tools that are used to incise as well as vacuum or suck out unwanted fat. Since it is a surgical procedure, this means it is relatively invasive, albeit a mild surgical technique compared to others.

Depending on the amount of fat the individual is having removed, the amount and size of the surgical incisions will vary. Of course, pain medication and other precautions are taken to minimize bleeding and discomfort - and individuals commonly receive anaesthetic to sedate them throughout the duration of the procedure.

The recovery time for an operation like this can take place over a period of about 3 to 5 days, depending on the extend of the removal. Recovery will involve refraining from physical activity - with the resuming of normal day to day activities after about 5 days. Follow up appointments are also a common requirement for the liposuction process, as it is still surgery after all, and the physician will need to ensure the site has healed properly and also that the desired result has been achieved.

In the end, the results of liposuction are typically very successful. In fact, just one week after surgery the reduction in fat can be seen, although it may take up to 3 months to fully identify the cosmetic result.


Now that you have heard about the surgical option for the removal of unwanted fat, here in more detail is how the non-surgical alternative, i-Lipo compares.

Instead of surgical tools, i-lipo involves the use of laser technology to remove fat deposits in the body regions just as those that liposuction can target as well as some others. In addition to fat reduction, the i-lipo laser technique is used as an overall approach to body shaping, while smoothing the appearance of cellulite in the body.

As you can probably guess, this approach offers a non-invasive solution for removing fat and colouring the body.  The actual laser procedure itself stimulates the body to ‘jump start’ the cells in the body, metabolizing the fat cells and turning them into energ

Compared to liposuction, i-lipo requires zero recovery time. Since this process does not involve any surgical elements, it does not mean pain or any downtime for the individuals receiving this treatment.

Results are also significant and long-lasting. With the proper lifestyle choices being made, i-lipo can be a highly effective approach to body shaping.

In the end, individuals may be more likely to choose one procedure over the other. While both can offer similar end results - there may also many clear advantages to opting for a fat reduction technique that can provide a virtually pain-less and perhaps also a more simplified approach. Either way, now you know more about what each process entails and can move forward with your body shaping desires as needed.

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